Web Slings

Things to know about the synthetic web slings


In the product handling niche, the web slings play an important role. When transfer of the products as cargo is involved, you can find that the web slings are considered a vital handling product. Even in rigging, where the heavy objects are lifted and placed in a desired location, the web slings play an imminent role. There are many types of the slings used for handling and rigging. (more…)

Polyester Web Slings: Lifts Heavy Loads Safely and Conveniently


The cargo sector has witnessed a series of productive changes bringing stability and enhancing productivity in the last couple of years. Polyester and nylon are commonly used options across different sections. You can pick the right option depending on the nature of work and objective. Polyester slings are widely used in the transportation business. It is considered the most suitable webbing to lift heavy loads (more…)

Choosing The Right Kind Of Webbing


Webbing is a woven fabric in the form of flat strip or tube used basically in place of a rope. The fabric is woven in the form of web that offers it great strength to be used in several applications including climbing, furniture manufacturing, automobile safety, towing, parachuting, military apparel, auto racing and load securing.

Earlier, only cotton or flax was used to make the webbings but now many other synthetic fibers are being used (more…)

Overview Of Polyester Web Slings


Web Slings are the crucial tools that are usually required during materials handling. By and large, they are made from webbings knitted from high tenacity polyester  yarns. The main qualities of Polyester Web Slings are that they are lightweight, flexible and specially coated for being abrasion and UV resistant. (more…)

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