Two synthetic materials that are widely used in the manufacturing of webbing Slings used for transferring cargo loads are nylon and Polyester. The light weight feature of nylon and Polyester has made their use popular in the manufacturing of Web Slings. Slings that are manufactured from Nylon stretch between 6-8% while Polyester Slings are known to stretch about 3% and are recommended to be used in acidic environments. Polyester Slings are made by sewing Woven Webbing of Polyester yarn and are used in materials handling and hosting purposes in warehouses.

Few Advantages that Polyester Slings Offer are as Follows:

  • Flexible: Polyester slings are flexible and could be piled up easily. Polyester Slings hold the load better than any other material Sling
  • Long Life: Polyester Slings are resistant to dirt, acid, oil, grease, corrosion and don’t absorb water.
  • Light Weight: Polyester Slings are light weight which makes it easy to store them in the warehouse when not in use.
  • Robust: Polyester Slings are strong and can be trusted to bear heavy load material.
  • Wide usage: Polyester slings are used for wide variety of purposes. They are used for vertical, choker or Basket hitches.
  • Cost Efficient: Polyester Slings are available at comparatively low prices than other material webbing Slings like Chain Slings or Wire Slings.

You can buy premium quality Webbing Polyester Slings from various suppliers present in the market. The Polyester Slings they provide are made from top-grade raw materials and are sourced from the best vendors in the market. Polyester Slings are convenient to use and are heat and light resistant which makes them perfect to be used in industrial applications. Polyester Webbing Slings are available at competitive prices in the market these days. You can also look for them online and order from a wide range of Web Slings available, according to your requirements.