Plastic Slip Sheet

Hygienic and Cost-Effective Method of Moving Product To a Warehouse


The unit load support devices, slip sheet can be used to handle and transport conveniently packed goods to a warehouse. Plastic slip sheet is used instead of pallet for it has lesser material costs, low shipping rate and fewer environmental impacts. They provide a hygienic and cost effective method of moving product throughout distribution centre, and its primary purpose is that it aids in transportation. Owing to the fact that it prevents product damage, maximises the space in the warehouse, optimises product flow, slip sheets are preferred over pallets. (more…)

Plastic Slip Sheet And Its Types


Plastic Slip Sheet is a thin pallet-sized sheet that is made of plastic, corrugated fiberboard or heavy laminated kraft paperboard. Plastic Slip Sheet is extensively used by shipping and logistics companies as a unit load support device for applications like warehouse storage, plant functional material handling, travel path clearance, and so on. The product loads weight is supported by the structural strength of the Plastic Slip Sheet, when used with transportation devices like pallet board, flat load carrying surface, roller conveyor surface, a cart or lifting truck. Owing to this, the unit load (more…)

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