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Dunnage bags or air bags, air cushions are necessary for securing and stabilizing cargo. As according to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport, up to 25 percent of accidents involving trucks can be due to inadequate cargo securing. So it is very necessary to choose a company that provides good quality inflatable airbags or Polyester Strappings that could ensure safety of the items beings transported.

  • Types

There are few types of bags available on the market for packing and moving, such as polypropylene paper laminated bags made of strong fabric woven meshed material that provides higher resistance to punctures and moisture, and woven polypropylene that is best for extremely heavy loads. Poly woven air bags are made from woven polyproylene fabric that is light in weight but has a high tensile strength. They also come in different strengths and varieties and can be made in special sizes to suit specific applications.

  • Advantages and disadvantages

These air bags are versatile but are susceptible to pointed and sharp instruments that could puncture them. This is the only shortfall it has. The main advantage of these bags are that these bags can be used and reused and are ultimately recyclable. These bags are environmentally friendly. As for single use, the bag is equipped with a quick fill one-way safety valve. Inflatable cushions are available as both disposable items as well as recyclable products.

  • Properties

Now ,the quantity of inflated air may vary according to the sizes of the bags. The size of bag needed is determined by the type of cargo and the loading configuration inside the container.Again the bags can be installed in different locations depending on the cargo loading configuration . The basic property of air bags is to provide stability, security and protection to cargos during all modes of transportation.

There are very few companies that make proper inflatable bags, which provide good security and stability to the products that are being transported. It can be used to secure almost every type of cargo, including break bulk and palletized cargo, coils, barrels, cases and crates. One must go for dunnage bags as they are safe to use for both shipping and receiving end of transportation and are flexible as well as waterproof. Easy to inflate and install, they could prove to be the one providing safety to your products. As they are used to fill the void, the width of the bag needed depends on the void size while the maximum height of the cargo will determine the length of the bag required.

Dunnage Air Bags: A Genuine Cargo Securing Product


Do you want to eliminate damage to your cargo in transit? Check out Dunnage Air Bags. These Bags are often underestimated as void fillers but they help secure cargo in transit. The Air Bags act as cushion and protects cargo from shocks and other damages in different modes of transportation. Container Air Bag Suppliers in Malaysia make the bags with a single outer layer of tough woven polypropylene fabric bag with an inner plastic liner bag. The unique construction of the WPP Dunnage Air Bags provides protection against loss of air pressure.

How do Dunnage Air Bags work?
These bags consist of a closed chamber with plastic lining that is filled with air. The out layer is made of high-strength Kraft paper or other materials like woven polypropylene fabric. WPP Dunnage Air Bags are placed in the voids between goods while in transit. The bags absorb shock and prevent unwanted movement of the cargo during transportation. Dunnage Air Bags are designed to exert tons of pressure to hold the cargo in place thus providing optimum protection to cargo. The bags are available in a variety of sizes and working pressures to suit the different cargo types .

The wonderful benefits of Dunnage Air Bags
· The damage caused to cargo is reduced to a large extent with these WPP Dunnage Air Bags
· The bags are user-friendly and safe for both the users and receivers
· Container Air Bag Suppliers in Malaysia offer bags that showcase high resistance to punctures
· WPP Dunnage Air Bags offer high weather and moisture resistance
· Container Air Bag Suppliers in Malaysia make these bags with 100% recyclable materials only and thus they do not pose any environmental threats
· The bags are easy to inflate and deflate
· These bags are highly cost-effective

Dunnage Air Bags are highly flexible and are capable of filling different voids without damaging the cargo.

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